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I've walked to the marsh in a bowler hat
from the wedding party where my lover

is with another man in the farthest barn.
I found his tie, full of imagined seas


on a hay bale like the skin of a snake.

I want to go shopping with him for spoons

and a good towel, stare at tiers of bread
in the bow window of a corner shop.

I want him to ask, 'what did you dream last

night, Alfred? I'll tell him about the juggernaut


of tulips how it came down the avenue slowly
but couldn't cross the small bridge, how the driver

threw open the doors and the bank of flowers
was a torrent of white like a salt cloud.

First published in July 2017 in the maiden issue of Strix magazine.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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